Hip-Hop Rumors: Who’s Next In Jay-Z’s Athletic Arsenal?

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Jay-Z is moving into sports and well, it seems like he’s looking to take over a whole different sort of game. So, you already know the reports, right?

Well, the most recent rumor – per ESPN – is that Jay-Z is looking to sign The NY Giant Victor Cruz. You know, the Salsa Man? Yep. You probably already know that he’s been affiliated with Jay-Z for some time now, throwing up the Roc sign after scoring a touch down. Here is what the report says.

When scoring touchdowns, Cruz not only did his trademark salsa dance but he also started flashing the Roc hand sign (using both hands to form a diamond) last season. The wide receiver politely said he couldn’t talk about it whenever asked, but a source said during the season Cruz was indeed going to eventually be a part of some sort of partnership with Jay-Z, who’s…

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